pygtk-0.6.2 and gnome-python-1.0.4 (finally :)

James Henstridge
Mon, 09 Aug 99 22:07:54 GMT

I have finally got round to releasing pygtk and gnome-python.  You
probably already know what is new, but if not, here are the major points:
  - fixed threading support (thanks to Matt Wilson and Paul Fisher).
  - A pygtk.h header file to make it easier to write wrappers for other
    add on widgets.
  - Wrappers for GtkGLArea and libglade.  To actually make use of the
    GtkGLArea widget, you will need an OpenGL binding for python, such as
    PyOpenGL.  There are some examples of its use in examples/gl (there is
    a port of the Mesa gears example in that directory, among others).
  - NumPy support in GdkImlib.  You can create an image object from a
    MxNx3 numpy array, and get numpy array representing the data in an
    image object, which you can manipulate.  This code is based on stuff
    sent in by Travis Oliphant.
  - Support for gdkrgb, so you can draw rgb and greyscale data to a
    drawable.  I have also added a numpy array variant called draw_array.
    It accepts unsigned byte arrays of the following forms:
      + MxN or MxNx1: treated as greyscale data.
      + MxNx3 or MxNx4: treated as RGB data.
    The numpy wrapper will also work with some non contiguous arrays, such
    as arr[a:b, c:d, :] (sliced along first two axes).
  - methods for the GdkWindow object for setting and reading properties.
    Also, GdkWindows now have an xid attribute which can be used to get
    the X window ID of the window.
  - You can now pass extra parameters to idle and timeout functions, like
    you can for signal handlers.  There is a gtk_signal_connect variant in
    pygtk that is similar to gtk_signal_connect_object as well now.

Gnome-python mainly contains bug fixes rather than new features.

You can get the new release at       (should be there soon)       (gnome-python only)      (pygtk only -- not uploaded yet)

Remember to report any bugs you find.




<P><A HREF="">pygtk-0.6.2 and
gnome-python-1.0.4</A> - bindings for the GTK+ widget set and GNOME
libraries.  (09-Aug-99)

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