"Das Python Tutorium" (German) - Public Review Release

Dinu C. Gherman gherman@my-deja.com
11 Aug 1999 18:36:42 GMT


"Das Python Tutorium" - Public Review Release

The "Python Tutorial 1.5.2" written by Guido van Rossum is
available now in a German translation (modulo the Python
sample code). Various formats can be downloaded from the
following site:


The current version is a much fine-tuned one, but still
labeled a pre-release because it is only now available for
"the public". Therefore, if you understand German, please
have a look and report some of the remaining errors, par-
ticularly semantic ones. If you want to help with the cor-
rection, please use the LaTeX source code and send me an
improved version by email (to gherman@europe.nospam.mail.com
- remove the nospam from the domain name), preferrably as
a GZIP- or ZIP-compressed file. I'm planning to collect
these and make a final release by the end of September or
October 1999.

The translation itself is a nice proof of the Pareto law,
basically meaning that 80 % of the job can be done in 20 %
of the time, leaving you with 80 % of your time to get the
remaining 20 % done... But at least it gave me a good reason
to finally read the whole tutorial. You should do the same
if you haven't already done so, even if it has clearly some
way to go to become an ideal tutorial, whatever that might

Along this road I installed a nice free Windoze TeX system
on my laptop, called MiKTeX (see http://www.miktex.de)
- for those who care.

I'm very indebted to Janko Hauser who did most if not all
of the actual typesetting work and to many others, who pro-
vided constructive feedback.

Dinu C. Gherman


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<P><A HREF="http://starship.python.net/crew/gherman/propaganda/tut-de/">Das
Python Tutorium</A> - German-language version of the Python 1.5.2
tutorial.  (11-Aug-99)

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