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David Ascher
Thu, 19 Aug 99 02:25:51 GMT

Python-URL is back!  

Here are the latest news from the Python world.

>From the hacks & ports category:

 * Will Ware dove into the Python core to allow microthreads (threads
   of operation which work in a single system thread).  This is
   similar in spirit to some of work done by Christian Tismer for his
   "Stackless Python", and there are rumors that the former will be
   adapted to the latter.

 * Python is routinely ported to embedded systems.  A Finnish group is
   making their port public, and soliciting feedback on this work:

 * Greg Ewing puts forth a patch to add lexical scoping to Python.

 * Max Skaller apparently has a new implementation of Python in the
   works with speed in mind:[ST_rn=md]/viewthread.xp?thitnum=3&mhitnum=0&toffset=0&CONTEXT=934822861.1754792007&frpage=threadmsg_md.xp&back=comp.lang.python&new=0&rok=1

>From the gotta-have-a-usenet-discussion-every-now-and-then-discussion:

 * for + else = ???

 * YAPPW (Yet Another Perl Python War) starts at:[ST_rn=md]/threadmsg_md.xp?thitnum=1&mhitnum=1&CONTEXT=934822861.1754792007[ST_rn=md]/viewthread.xp?thitnum=0&mhitnum=0&toffset=0&CONTEXT=934822861.1754792007&frpage=threadmsg_md.xp&back=comp.lang.python&new=0&rok=1

 * A new keyword is almost proposed, from of all people Tom Christiansen:[ST_rn=md]/viewthread.xp?thitnum=24&mhitnum=0&toffset=0&CONTEXT=934822861.1754792007&frpage=threadmsg_md.xp&back=comp.lang.python&new=0&rok=1

>From the power tools department:

 * The latest SWIG release has support for Python keyword arguments
   and better shadow class support:

 * Python Imaging Library (PIL) version 1.0 is out:

 * Too many news in the Zope front to go into in detail, but foremost
   is a new site layout and several Zope 2.0 beta releases:

 * Numeric Python release 12 beta now uses ExtensionClasses:

 * Paul Dubois' PyFort is a tool for interfacing NumPy to Fortran:

 * SCXX is a lightweight take on Paul Dubois's CXX by Gordon McMillan
   which promises to require less of your C++ compiler:

>From the events and public relations department:

 * Local Python users groups are sprouting, and they seem to be called
   PIGgies!.  The San Francisco Bay Area has one, as does the
   Washington DC area.  Where will the next one crop up?

 * Bruce Eckel, a C++ and Java trainer and book author, has picked up
   the Python bug, and is planning what sounds like a neat Python
   workshop -- learn Python in five days in mountains by writing
   something useful.

 * The O'Reilly conference is soon upon us:   

 * The next International Python Conference has a revised call for
   papers with new dates:

Everything you want is probably one or two clicks away in these pages:'s Python Language Website is the center of Pythonia

      Much of Python's real work takes place on Special-Interest Group
          mailing lists

      Python Consortium emerges as an independent nexus of activity

      Python To-Do List anticipates some of Python's future direction

      Python Journal is at work on its second issue

      Links2Go is a new semi-automated link collection; it's impressive
      what AI can generate

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