Zope Weekly News - Wed, 18 Aug 1999

Pam Crosby pam@digicool.com
Thu, 19 Aug 99 02:58:26 GMT


A major thread this week has been documentation.  Below are two entries
about the current process for addressing Zope documentation needs.  The ZDP
community continues to volunteer their efforts and talents to make Zope the
best it can be.  Digital Creations will be announcing their efforts in the
documentation area, SOON.

* Brian Lloyd's Zope article at Devshed has continued to generate
  an interesting discussion about Zope.


* Paul Everitt posted a note concerning a poll pitting AOLserver, Zope, 
  Enhydra, and others.  


The mailing lists have been quite active, the documentation discussion
has spawn efforts from several directions. 

* Bradford Hull experienced extreme frustration with the available
  Zope documentation that started a lively discussion. Many community
  members added their frustrations to the lists and possible solutions. 


* Stephan Richter is gathering goal requirements for the Zope
  Documentation Project. 

* Brian Lloyd answered an query about "pluggable brains" that added
  some light to the possibilities of such "brains".


* A.M. Kuchling released an alpha version of the product that lets you
  browse through RDF dumps from the Open Directory Project. 


* Alexander Staubo published a Guest Counter product whose class
  instances can count the number of "guests" to a web site.


* Phil Harris announced ZMySQLDA for Win32.

* Paul Everitt shared his results with running Zope from a CD-ROM.

Until next week...
Pamela Crosby

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