htmlPARSER 0.9 beta 1

Christian 'KT' Scholz
Thu, 19 Aug 99 03:23:38 GMT


htmlPARSER is a python class which simplifies the creation of HTML
parsers in Python by providing some often needed basic funcionality like
template definitions, defining blocks of html text, inclusion of files,

The homepage of htmlPARSER is available at

and version 0.9 beta 1 can be downloaded at

It is published under the GNU Library Public License.

The author of this package is Christian Scholz and can be reached via
email under, a homepage is available at



  htmlPARSER 0.9 beta 1
  Christian Scholz - August 15th 1999, 00:43 EST

  htmlPARSER is a set of python classes which help you in creating HTML
  parser with user editable templates. These templates can contain two
  types of elements: Normal HTML code This will be passed directly onto
  stdout (and thus to the browser), and special HTML tags which you
  define. These will call the specific functions in your parser which
  then take any action you want (e.g. perform database queries, calculate
  something, etc).

  Changes: Initial public release.


                  Author: Christian
                 License: LGPL
                Category: Development/Python Modules
              Depends on: Python

Freshmeat (c) 1999

<P><A HREF="">htmlPARSER 0.9 beta
1</A> - Python classes for easy creation of HTML parsers.  (15-Aug-99)

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