Natter prerelease 1.0a1

Martin von Loewis
Sat, 21 Aug 99 02:20:54 GMT

Natter is another implementation of the CORBA IDL mapping for Python.
It is similar to ILU and Fnorb: It allows a Python application to
implement and use CORBA interfaces.

Unlike Fnorb and ILU, Natter does not come with its own CORBA
implementation; instead, it is built on top of the C++ mapping. While
it should be mostly compatible with Fnorb and ILU on the source level,
Natter aims at providing the full functionality of CORBA 2.3 (provided
the underlying ORB implements all of CORBA 2.3).

As the most notable difference to support CORBA 2.3, interface
implementations in Natter are based on the Portable Object Adapter
(POA), which gives a standard way of associating object references
with servants.

Natter is work-in-progress; several of the standard CORBA features are
not there, yet. It has been tested with a single ORB only, this
release in itself is a test case for application portability with
CORBA :-) If you succeed (or fail) using it with another ORB, please
let me know.

This release is for evaluation purposes only; the final licensing
terms have not yet been defined.

For more information, see

Martin v. L÷wis

<P><A HREF="">Natter
1.0a1</A> - a Python CORBA 2.3 mapping based on C++; needs a separate
C++ ORB to work.  (20-Aug-99)

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