Python Netzwerk Deutschland

M.-A. Lemburg
Fri, 10 Dec 99 09:37:57 GMT

I am pleased to announce the:

			Python Network Germany

The Network is a closed mailing list aimed at simplifying contacts
between Python/Zope developers and companies seeking Python/Zope

The Network does not charge anything for subscription, nor does it
get involved in the contract business between the partners. Its only
intent is to provide a low bandwidth highly specialized contact

The only restriction currently applied is the need to subscribe
through a special subscription mailing list which is maintained by
volunteers. Subscribers should post a brief description of
their background and will then get subscribed to the main list by
the administrators where they can then scan the lists archives
and post details of their projects and skills.

More information (in German) and the links to the subscription
address are available at:

<P><A HREF="">Python Network Germany</A> -
German Business Contact Forum intended to simplify contacts between
developers and companies seeking Python skills.  (09-Dec-99)

Marc-Andre Lemburg
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