GNU readline module for Win32 updated

Paul Sokolovsky Paul Sokolovsky <>
Fri, 10 Dec 99 09:41:17 GMT

Hello python-announce-list,

  I have updated my native Win32 GNU readline port
( and Python module for it

  This version has number of enhancements and bugfixes, which
hopefully will allow more users enjoy it. In particular, readline now
has builtin win32 keymap, compatible with stdio input/output and
linked agianst msvcrt.dll runtime library, the same as official
Python. Easy installation (just unpacking in Python directory should
make it going, couple of additional movements if you want completion).

  I'd greatly appreciate feedback whether it really so fine as write
above ;-)

  And last note: readline is GPLed software, using it in your
application will cast it all to GPL.

[Moderator's note: the note above applies to the binary containing the GNU
readline library and the Python C interpreter only, not to your scripts.]

readline for Win32</A> - Python GNU readline module, compiled for
Win32.  (09-Dec-99)

Best regards,

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