Zope Weekly News - Wed, 30 Jun 1999

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Mon, 05 Jul 99 07:54:19 GMT


This week saw the release of ZCatalog, the first component of the Zope
Portal Toolkit. Finally searching Zope objects is becoming easier.
Behind the scenes work continues on Zope 2.0. Jim Fulton estimated that
Zope 2 will enter beta in 3 weeks. In addition, Eric Raymond's mention
of Zope this week (at Microsoft and in an essay) is further proof that
Zope is becoming an influential open source project.

  * Jonathan Corbet pointed out that Eric Raymond mentioned Zope in his
latest essay, "The Magic Cauldron". He discusses Zope in the context of
how to make a living with open source. He calls Digital Creation's model
"Give Away the Recipe, Open A Restaurant".
  * Michel Pelletier announced the first release of ZCatalog. This is
the first component of the Zope Portal Toolkit to be released. ZCatalog
allows indexing and searching of Zope objects.
  * Butch Landingin announced release 0.1.5 of his Squishdot Zope news
and discussion Product.

  * Mark Pratt announced that the second Berlin Zope Barbecue went well
and that the next one is planned for July 16.
  * FTP/DAV editing issues came up once again this week. Customizing FTP
and DAV behavior is a complex problem. Some creative ideas were
discussed, but no definitive solution has emerged yet.
  * Phillip Eby and others worked on a solution to displaying data from
a SQL database as a dynamic tree. Cool!
  * @mgmt announced that they will offer Zope hosting services.
  * Pam Crosby announced some Zope Documentation plans.
  * Thilo Mezger announced a mailing list for the Zope
Internationalization Project.
Keep on Zoping.


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