bytecodehacks 0.50

Michael Hudson
Mon, 05 Jul 99 08:00:05 GMT

[Moderator's note: "Abstract: This package contains a library of routines
for editing the bytecodes executed by the Python virtual machine, and a set
of routines that use the library to do unlikely things to Python functions
and methods, such as locally binding references and inlining functions."]

It's been a while, but there's a new version of bytecodehacks on the

Quite a lot has changed, especially under the hood. There's a
design-by-contract module, a function that will make another tail
recursive, a set of simple rationalizations/optimizations (originally
posted comp.lang.python by Corran Webster) and probably lots of stuff I've
forgotten about.

The documentation has been updated, but there are probably places
where it's out of date, or just plain wrong. If you find such a place
please do tell me!

The documentation contains what I think is quite a nice description of
one way of avoiding cycles in complex data structures (look at the
doumentation of fleshy).

Have fun, and thanks for reading!


<P><A HREF="">bytecodehacks 0.50</A> -
use manipulations of virtual machine bytecodes to do unlikely things in
Python!  (04-Jun-99)

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