New location for whiz,, and my other goodies

Neale Pickett
Wed, 07 Jul 99 23:05:39 GMT

Apparently more people are using my software than I realized :-)

The new location for my stuff (short descriptions follow) is:

(Which is probably where it should have been in the first place.)

For those keeping track, the major offerings are:

  whiz -- html forms tool for creating "wizards" (anyone want to
          integrate this into bobo?  I hear they're looking for one.) -- some classes for generating HTML, in the spirit of HTMLgen, 
             but all in a single file, and it spits out indented code.

  phonebook -- HTTP to LDAP gateway; makes a web server look like RFC
               1959; also provides nice web output and homepage
               redirection.  See for a live demo.

  other stuff -- IRC class for writing bots and clients, an interactive
                 choose-your-own-adventure CGI, and some other
                 non-pythonic toys.


Neale Pickett

<P><A HREF="">Misc. HTML tools
(new location)</A> - whiz, for creating HTML &quot;wizards&quot;;,
for generating HTML; phonebook, a HTTP to LDAP gateway; IRC bot
classes; etc.  (07-Jul-99)

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