Zope Weekly News - Wed, 7 Jul 1999

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Thu, 08 Jul 99 00:56:46 GMT


It's been a fairly uneventful week in Zopeland. As always lots of people
are asking questions and providing good answers. But this week's seen
few announcements and software releases, perhaps because of the holiday.
Another Zope alpha should be out soon, and that's sure to generate some

  * Anthony Pfrunder posted an update about his binary distribution of
Zope 2.0 alpha for Windows and an upcoming project to make Zope work
better with the Python Imaging Library and OpenGL.
  * The unstoppable Martijn Pieters posted a patch to allow customizing
tree tag decoration. Now longer will you have to use those tired plus
and minus boxes.
  * Paul Everitt announced a press release detailing how Digital
Creations and UserLand are making Zope and Frontier play nicely
  * Over on zope-dev list David Jacobs started an interesting discussion
of enhancing Zope security features.
  * Digital Creations intern Cathi Davey posted documentation to the
zope-dev list about some additional type converting facilities she's
added to ZPublisher.
Until next week.


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