PIDDLE 1.0a3

Joe Strout
Tue, 13 Jul 99 15:38:40 GMT

I'm pleased to announce the third alpha release of PIDDLE (Plug-In
Drawing, Does Little Else).  PIDDLE is a cross-platform, cross-media
drawing API; by choosing the desired backend renderer, your Python
program can generate output to the PDF, EPS, TK, MacOS QuickDraw, a PIL
canvas (and from there to PNG, GIF, JPEG, etc.), and others.

This version adds a unified testing framework, and a number of bug
fixes.  To download, visit the PIDDLE home page:

PIDDLE is written in 100% Python, but some backends require extensions
(such as PIL) or may work on only certain platforms (such as MacOS

Comments and feedback are welcome; visit the mailing list at to join the

-- Joe

|    Joseph J. Strout           Biocomputing -- The Salk Institute |
|                 |

<P><A HREF="">PIDDLE v1.0a3</A> -
drawing API with backends that do the actual drawing to a variety of
formats, including PDF, Postscript, MacOS QuickDraw, Tk, PIL, and
eventually OpenGL and Windows.  (12-Jul-99)

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