tmproc 0.20, a Topic Maps implementation

Geir Ove Grønmo
Thu, 15 Jul 99 11:02:09 GMT


I'm pleased to announce the second release of tmproc, a Topic Map
processor. This release is updated according to the final standard.

Suggestions and bug reports should be sent to:


Geir O. Grønmo


Title: tmproc

Version: 0.20
Released: July 14th 1999

Author: Geir O. Grønmo,


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>>> What's new?

 o This version supports the final release of the standard.
 o Minor bugfixes
 o Works with the Java Platform (JPython[1])

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>>> What is tmproc?

tmproc is an implementation of the new international standard ISO/IEC
13250 Topic Maps[2]. tmproc is written in Python, and should work on
any platform to which Python have been ported - including the Java

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>>> What are Topic Maps?

'Topic Maps' is a new international standard (ISO/IEC 13250) for
layering multidimensional topic spaces on top of information
assets. The standard covers concepts like topics, associations,
occurrences and facets/metadata. Topic Maps are expected to have a
major impact on future information systems.

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>>> Features

 o Import, export, query and manipulation of topic maps.

 o Full set of extensible topic map classes with clearly defined

 o Optional architectural processing [requires xmlarch].

 o Introduction and reference documentation.

 o Statistical and information printing classes

 o Command line utility for interactive exploration

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>>> Requirements
  - Python 1.5.1 or newer [3]
  - An SGML/XML parser with a SAX driver
  - SAX for Python [4]
  - xmlarch 0.25, optional unless architectural processing is needed [5]

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>>> Licence

tmproc is free for both non-commercial and commercial
use. Redistribution of tmproc in commercial products requires another
licence. See [*] for detailed licence information.

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>>> References




<P><A HREF="">tmproc
0.20</A> - an implementation of Topic Maps, a new international
standard (ISO/IEC 13250:1999) for layering multidimensional topic
spaces on top of information assets.  (13-Jul-99)

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