Zope Weekly News - Wed, 14 Jul 1999

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Thu, 15 Jul 99 11:02:50 GMT


Another Zope alpha release is out. It looks like we're getting fairly
close to a Zope 2.0 beta release. Many intrepid people have been using
the alpha releases and submitting patches and bug reports. Soon Zope 2
should be ready for wider consumption.

 * Jim Fulton announced the availability of Zope 2.0a4. This version
fixes a lot of bugs and adds a few minor features. It looks like this
may be the last alpha release.


 * Over on the zope-dev list Bruce Perens offered a patch to make Image
object more flexible in the way they represent themselves in HTML.
Martijn Pieters followed up with additional improvements. Hours later
the enhancements were in CVS. Open source rocks!


  * Christopher Petrilli posted a survey asking folks about what they
think of the Gadfly DA. Response was mixed, though many people seem to
find it useful.


  * Brian Lloyd posted a query about how to best allow people to upgrade
from the existing database format (BoboPOS) to the new ZODB format. Most
people seem to think that providing a conversion script is the best


  * Alexander Staubo suggest some interesting management interface
improvements. Clearly this is an area of Zope that can be improved and
community efforts could really make a big difference.


  * Linux Developer's Network is looking for articles about Zope.


  * Kam Cheung started a remarkable good natured discussion about the
differences between Zope and Frontier. As more folks come to Frontier to
Zope it will be interesting to see what Zopistas can learn from them.


  * Apparently Zope 1.10.3 RPMs are available on Redhat's libc6 contrib


  * What started out as a documentation bug post by Bruce Perens turned
into a discussion of the merits of various documentation formats and
which ones are best for open source projects. Right now official Zope
documentation is written in FrameMaker.


 * Anthony Pfrunder continues to improve his Zope 2 for Windows
distribution. It's now tentatively called Universal Zope Build System,
and includes various cool build tools. 



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