[website] The pyPit software library.

Jesse D. Sightler jsight@pair.com
Thu, 15 Jul 99 11:07:14 GMT

Announcing the pyPit!
URL:  http://www.biddin.com/pyPit/

The pyPit is a fledgling attempt to develop an interactive library of
Python software libraries and code snippets.  Right now, there are fewer
than a dozen projects listed, but we are open for submissions.  The
system is based on a gadfly database, which will ultimately allow
keyword and other (as yet unannounced features).

For the moment, I am requesting that everyone submit their free software
projects for listing at http://www.biddin.com/pyPit/submit.html so that
we can have something to work with in order to prototype the full-system
in a more "real world" scenario (say, a few hundred software entries, in
a variety of categories).

Suggestions, and ideas for improvement as well as volunteers to work on
the project are certainly welcome.  


Jesse D. Sightler

<P><A HREF="http://www.biddin.com/pyPit/">PyPit</A> - interactive
library of contributed Python software libraries.  (15-Jul-99)

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