COMMERCIAL: C-Forge v1.3 (multi-user IDE)

Tue, 27 Jul 99 15:15:45 GMT

Code Forge Inc is proud to announce C-Forge v1.3.

C-Forge is a multi-user integrated development environment that provides
full project management and complete edit/compile/debug cycle support.

Features include:

* Complete abstraction of the "makefile" concept,
* Project Manager for Visual presentation of project structure and
  component status using a dependency tree
* separate "desktop" area showing work in progress,  support for C/C++,
  Perl, Oracle ProC/C++, Tcl, Java, Python, Qt, Pascal, Free Pascal,
  FORTRAN, Modula-2 and Assembler, fully configurable integrated editor
  and more.

 New This Version:

  *  New integrated (detachable) multi-process log window
  *  Project-specific environment variables
  *  JavaScript support
  *  Etags/Ctags support
  *  Improved Tex/LaTex support

It is also our 2nd anniversary. We're throwing a 20%-50% off sale on
all our products! Please visit us at and download a
full featured evaluation version of C-Forge. (Free version also
available) Feedback is, as always,  welcome.

For more please come to our web site, located at

Nevin Kaplan - Director of Marketing
Code Forge, Inc.

<P><A HREF="">C-Forge v1.3.</A> - commercial
IDE with Python support.  (22-Jul-99)

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