Win32 Installer - new release

Gordon McMillan
Tue, 27 Jul 99 15:23:14 GMT

A new release (01a) of the Win32 Installer package is available on

This release incorporates bug fixes and some enhancements from (and 
inspired by) Robin Dunn.

 - A generated install script is now "safe"
 - File atimes, mtimes copied if possible
 - Install packages can be built from any directory
 - Ability to gather all dependencies in a directory, so you can use 
   WinZip or WIse or whatever to distribute the results.

What is it?
 Briefly, it is a sort of compilerless Freeze - a way of distributing 
Python apps with all the required Python support included.

 Python-style license.


<P><A HREF="">Win32
Installer release 01a</A> - a compiler-less way of distributing Python
apps on Windows.  (25-Jul-99)

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