ScientificPython 2.0b1

Konrad Hinsen
Tue, 27 Jul 99 15:25:06 GMT

The first public beta release of ScientificPython 2.0 is now available

This is a completely revised release and *not* compatible with earlier
releases. The major difference is the introduction of a package
structure; all modules are now submodules of the top-level module
Scientific. Version 2 also includes the netCDF interface module, which
was previously in a separate distribution. Another important new
feature is full documentation :-)

Following established traditions in the Python community, I will be
on vacation for three weeks from Wednesday. Please take your time
to fix any bugs before reporting them to me ;-)

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<P><A HREF="">
ScientificPython 2.0</A> - Konrad Hinsen's collection of scientific/math
modules; now includes netCDF module and full documentation.  (26-Jul-99)

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