Zope Weekly News - Wed, 28 Jul 1999

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Wed, 28 Jul 99 20:32:29 GMT


The big news this week was the release of Zope 2.0 beta one. Zope 2
final is getting closer and closer. Beta one increases stability over
the alpha releases and also adds a few missing pieces like the ability
to tie permissions to factories. Also you can now export Zope objects to
XML. Speaking of XML, as of beta one all basic Zope objects support a
subset of the DOM Element interface, and the unsupported XML Document
product is out and in CVS.

  * Zope 2.0 beta one was released this week. Now you can download a
binary release of Zope 2.
  * The Zope site received a look and feel makeover. Most people seem to
like the new design. A couple people posted describing the strange
feeling of having the entire site change while browsing it. Zope
sessions are cool!
  * Amos Latteier announced the availability of XML Document 1.0a1 a
Zope product for using XML. A couple days later, XML Document made it
into public CVS.
  * Anthony Pfrunder announced a new version of his Zope for windows
  * Michel Pelletier announced Zippy Tag which allows you to insert
random Zippy the Pinhead quotes in your Zope documents. Yes!
  * Paul Everitt discusses how you can now export Zope objects to XML.
Basically the XML format describes Python pickles.
  * Michel Pelletier posted an extremely simple summary of how to hook a
form to a database. This is a good read for those new to Zope.
  * Andreas Kostyrka posted a patch to allow Zope to server multiple
sites from one process. Very interesting, multiple sites from one object
  * Eric Kidd posted a Zope/XML-RPC todo list. Follow up posts confirmed
that a number of the items have already been done.
  * Brian Lloyd posted an insightful message describing the 'Owner' role
and how to use proxy roles to allow limited access to restricted
  * Chris Petrilli mentioned that Gadfly is finally being updated to the
latest version. Alright!

See you next week, same time, same channel.


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