Python/PostgreSQL interface module

Jonathan Hogg
Fri, 30 Jul 99 14:33:21 GMT

well after much lurking and occasional commenting on these groups, here is
my first contribution to the community. it's a module for accessing PostgreSQL
databases from Python.

yes, i know there already is one, but i wanted to play with some different
features and to get the hang of writing extension modules. you are free to not
use this module. please don't email me to tell me i've wasted my time - all
learning is worthwhile and maybe someone else will get something useful from

i'm afraid it doesn't have a proper name yet because i can't think of one - a
free copy of the source for the best idea ;-)

i welcome feedback,


(extracted from the README:)

Python/PostgreSQL Interface Module                         (Version: 1.0)


PostgreSQL is a neat, free, relational database system which can be found at:


This is a module that provides the PostgreSQL programmers' API to Python
programmers. It is written in C and compiles down to a shared-object file
that can be dynamically loaded into the Python interpreter. It is basically
a wrapper around the 'libpq' library that comes with PostgreSQL.


This interface has not been used in anger yet. It's been written as part of
a one good idea project and I'm releasing it more widely because it may be
of use to other people and might result in some useful feedback.


There should be a LICENSE file accompanying this distribution (and at the top
of each source file). I've used the Berkeley license because I've always
liked it. This code is not copylefted, feel free to stick it into a commercial
product and sell it, become rich, buy a small island in the pacific, retire
young and happy. However, you have to retain the copyright on the code, and
it would be polite to send me a note of thanks ;-)

Obtaining The Latest Distribution:

You should be able to find it by following the obvious links on the one good
idea webpages for 'Projects':


As of this distribution, the appropriate URL was:



This module is not PyGreSQL. PyGreSQL is written by D'Arcy J.M. Cain,
<>. It is another Python/PostgreSQL interface which has been
around longer than this one. I wrote this module because I wanted a different
mechanism for accessing named fields in query results (and partly as an
exercise in extending Python).

jonathan hogg, one good idea limited, 25 clouston street, glasgow g20 8qr, uk t:(0)976-614338 f:(0)7970-537451

<P><A HREF="">Python/PostgreSQL
API</A> - access PostgreSQL programmers' API from Python.  (29-Jul-99)

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