PyBZLib 0.02b alpha

Laurence Tratt
Mon, 31 May 99 23:36:12 GMT

An experimental Python interface to Julian Seward's increasingly popular
bzip2 compression library is available from:

The interface is at version 0.02b alpha (25 April 1999) and is distributed
under a Python-esque licence.

bzip2 is a compression library which gives better compression ratios than
more common methods, and increasing amounts of data are now being shipped in
the bzip2 format. eg the Linux kernel is shipped as both .gz and .bz2 files;
for comparison the Linux 2.2.9 kernel is 13.2Mb as a .gz file and 10.7Mb as
a .bz2 file.

More information on bzip2 in general is available from:

The Python bzip2 interface is in alpha form, and should be treated as such.
However, it compresses and decompresses standard bzip2 files and is
hopefully useful in it's current state. Two example programs which compress
and decompress .bz2 files are included.

The author is contactable at


<P><A HREF="">PyBZLlib
0.02b alpha</A> - experimental Python interface to the bzip2 compression
library.  (29-Apr-99)

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