DOPY 0.1 - Distributed Objects for Python

Michael Muller
Sun, 06 Jun 99 06:15:01 GMT

Announcement: DOPY 0.1 - Distributed Objects For Python

DOPY is a small distributed object system written entirely in Python.  It is
not intended to be CORBA compliant.  Instead, it aims to be extremely easy to
use and to support Python's dynamic nature - methods are invoked dynamically,
parameters are passed by copy.  Any python object that can be pickled can
automatically be passed as a parameter or a return value, and any Python object
can be published as a distributed object.  

The current version of DOPY is an extremely immature alpha release.  Its only
supported protocol is TCP/IP, and you must have thread support to be able to use
it (there is a facility for non-threaded use, but it is entirely untested).
I've distributed it because others might find it useful (even in its current
state) and because I'm interested in the feedback of the Python development

License: Variation on BSD, free for commercial and non-commercial use

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<P><A HREF="">DOPY 0.1</A> -
Distributed Objects for Python.  (03-Jun-99)

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