JPython 1.1 beta 1 released

Barry A. Warsaw (Barry A. Warsaw)
Sun, 06 Jun 99 06:23:45 GMT

I'm happy to announce the release of JPython 1.1beta1.  JPython is
the 100% Pure Java implementation of the Python language, which
provides seamless integration with the Java platform.  JPython
1.1beta1 is compatible with most Java 1.1 and 1.2 JDKs.

JPython 1.1beta1 is much improved over the previous public release of
version 1.0.3.  Many bugs have been fixed, performance has been
improved, and most new CPython 1.5.2 features have been implemented.
See below for highlights of the changes between 1.1beta1 and 1.0.3.

You can download JPython 1.1beta1 from the JPython home page.  Please

Much thanks go to Jim Hugunin -- JPython's inventor, Finn Bock -- for
his contribution of modules and test driving, Guido, and the rest of
the folks at CNRI.

Here's a summary of what's changed since 1.0.3:

    - New and improved jpythonc tool by Jim Hugunin
    - New modules contributed by Finn Bock: cStringIO, cPickle,
      struct, binascii
    - New module synchronize, equivalent to Java's synchronized
    - Operator module now complete
    - sys.add_package() no longer necessary, "import java.lang" just works
    - Class-based standard exceptions (w/ support for -X option)
    - super__ methods are deprecated, use regular Python style
    - time.strftime() added
    - Java 1.2 style collections support
    - Multiple interpreter states
    - Most CPython 1.5.2 features have been implemented
    - String objects now have methods -- expected CPython 1.6 feature
    - Improved performance
    - Java inner class support
    - keywords are allowed in some locations (e.g. as attribute names)
    - New license
    - bug fixes


Barry A. Warsaw                    Corp. for Nat'l Research Initiatives (CNRI)          1895 Preston White Drive, Suite 100                 Reston, VA USA 20191-5434     703.620.8990 / (fax) 703.620.0913

P.S. contrary to Python tradition, I will /not/ be going on vacation
tomorrow :)

<P><A HREF="">JPython 1.1b1</A> - 100% Pure Java
implementation of the Python language; now even better.  (04-Jun-99)

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