pyCA-0.5.1 - tools for setting up a certificate authority

Michael Stroeder
9 Jun 1999 17:44:50 -0700


I would like to announce a new beta release of my package pyCA, a set of
scripts and CGI-BIN programs written in Python for setting up and
running a certificate authority using OpenSSL.


for more details.

I would like to ask for feedback of people using this package. Any hints
for improving this package are appreciated. I do not have the
possibility to test this software under other Unix environments than
Linux, OpenLDAP and ApacheSSL.

Changes since 0.4.5:
- you have to upgrade to Python 1.5.2
- some bugfixes and code cleaning
- better documentation
- some changes to configuration (might be incompatible to 0.4.5!!!)
- allow defining the request form depending on specific certificate type
- configuration of preferred certificate format
- automatic publishing of certificates with informing user by e-mail

Ciao, Michael.
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