New Multipack release (0.7)

Travis Oliphant
Wed, 23 Jun 99 18:08:51 GMT

I'm announcing the release of Multipack-0.7 at

Multipack is a collection of Python extension modules which use the
Numeric extension module API to provide a number of FORTRAN routines to
the Numeric Python user.

Included in this release are routines to numerically:

- solve N nonlinear equations in N unknowns.
- minimize m nonlinear equations in n unknowns (Levenberg-Marquardt)
- integrate an ordinary differential equation (stiff or nonstiff)
- integrate a function of 1, 2, or 3 variables.
- fit a set of points to a 1 or 2-D spline and find derivatives,
    integrals, interpolations, etc. of those splines.  (thanks Pearu

Documentation has been updated and improved for this release and the way
to contribute a module has been streamlined and detailed.  It is now quite
easy to add your own interfaces to the package.

A FORTRAN compiler (or f2c) is required to compile the source.

Comments and contributions are welcome.  

Travis Oliphant

<P><A HREF="">Multipack 0.7</A> - provides
FORTRAN equation routines for NumPy.  (14-Jun-99)

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