JPython 1.1 beta 2

Barry A. Warsaw (Barry A. Warsaw)
Wed, 23 Jun 99 18:09:26 GMT

I'm happy to announce the release of the second beta in the JPython
1.1 series.  JPython is the 100% Pure Java implementation of the
Python language, which provides seamless integration with the Java
platform.  JPython 1.1beta2 is compatible with most Java 1.1 and 1.2

JPython 1.1beta2 is essentially a bug fix release to 1.1beta1, fixing
reported problems in the jpythonc tool, other reported bugs and
improving compatibility with CPython.  See below for a summary.

You can download JPython 1.1beta2 from the JPython home page.  Please

Here's a summary of what's changed since 1.1beta1:

    - Updates and bug fixes to jpythonc tool.  New registry entries
      python.jpythonc.compiler, python.jpythonc.classpath, and
      python.jpythonc.compileropts.  getopt style long/short option
      names (old options are deprecated).  New -J/--compileropts
    - syncing string object methods with experimental CPython 1.6
      string methods.  This includes new optional arguments on
      startswith() and endswith() and the moving of join() to a method 
      of the separator string.
    - Many other bug fixes and CPython syncs


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