Graphite 0.1

Joe Strout
Wed, 23 Jun 99 18:23:04 GMT

The Graphite development team is pleased to announce the first public
release of Graphite, a 100% Python, open-source, cross-platform
plotting/graphing library.

Graphite will enable the easy creation of scientific, engineering, and
business graphs. Some graph types to be included are line graphs, bar
charts, function plots, polar plots, parametric plots, and mesh plots.
Graphite will be able to produce output for formats such as postcript,
pdf, gif, Windows, QuickDraw, Tk by using the PIDDLE drawing system. It
will also have interactive capability (e.g., positioning labels and
other overlays via the mouse or arrow keys), and should run on any
platform that supports Python. 

This is the very first public release -- note the version number, 0.1. 
Many of the features mentioned above are not yet implemented.  However,
it does run, and the intrepid Python hacker should be able to produce
some plots in short order.  Documentation is sparse, so please refer to
the web site for frequent updates.  You may also wish to join the
mailing list, at <> (click on
"group info" to get to the subscription form).

This is an open-source project; we are actively seeking input and
contributions from the Python community.  That's why we're releasing it
now, in its current embryonic stage.  Our hope is that with your input,
Graphite will grow rapidly into a powerful, professional-quality yet
easy-to-use plotting package.

-- Joe

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<P><A HREF="">Graphite 0.1</A> -
cross-platform plotting/graphing library written in 100% Python.  (17-Jun-99)

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