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This year's Open Source Software Convention will be in Monterey, 
California, from August 21st through 24th. Six distinct conferences 
covering Linux, Perl, Apache, Python, Tcl/Tk and sendmail, plus an 
Open Source business track, are all included in one admission 
price. You can immerse yourself in a single conference for maximum 
exposure to one technology, or just chose the presentations that 
benefit you the most. 

The now-famous pizza and beer bashes were a highlight of last August's

Perl Conference 2.0. Grab a beer and rub elbows with open source 
luminaries and be part of this year's historic gathering. There'll be 
keynotes, tutorials, as well as planned and spontaneous
sessions every night where you can debate licensing, support, and
business models (and share tips and code) until dawn.

Register by July 15 and you'll get a T-shirt. 
But since you can't eat shirts, we're also offering up to 
$200 off your registration fees. But hurry; last year, there were 
waiting lists for many of the tutorials and space 
is limited. 

Check out O'Reilly's conference site for more details 

Simone Paddock
O'Reilly & Associates
101 Morris Street
Sebastopol, CA 95472
simone at oreilly dot com

<P><A HREF="">O'Reilly Open Source Software
Convention</A> - in Monterey, CA, August 21st through 24th, 1999, will cover
six distinct conferences for Linux, Perl, Apache, Python, Tcl/Tk, sendmail,
and an Open Source business track; early registration until July 15,
1999.  (23-Jun-99)

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