Yet Another config parser

Mark Nottingham
Mon, 28 Jun 99 23:36:15 GMT

The latest version of my configuration file parser (version 0.6) is here.
Why another one? This one does:

Generally configurable:
* name/value separator
* comment character
* case sensativity
* section delimiter

On a per-configuration item basis:
* defaults (including non-text (i.e., None))
* post-processing function
* required and optional configs
* return multiple configs with the same name as a list, or only return the
last one

This version now supports [sections], so you can have multiple configuration
groups in one file.

IMHO, this config parser has a very easy-to-use interface for the developer,
once you get the hang of it. It can be used to read many types of files; the
first use for it was to parse Squid ( configuration

It is, of course, still a work in progress -- if you have any problems or
requests for it, please contact me. I'd really like any feedback on this,
whether you like it, or believe it to be the most mislead attempt yet. I
find it really useful, but there are a lot of these things out there, and
there's probably a better one.

No, it doesn't write.

<P><A HREF=""> 0.60</A> -
Another(!) configuration file parser.  (28-Jun-99)

Mark Nottingham, Melbourne Australia

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