New release of pygtk-0.6.0 and gnome-python-1.0.2

James Henstridge
Wed, 05 May 99 02:52:36 GMT

I have made new releases of pygtk (my bindings for the GTK+ widget toolkit
for X windows) and gnome-python (my bindings for the base libraries of
GNOME (the GNU network object model environment)).  These packages allow
you to write GTK+ or GNOME applications easily in python.

Note that the gnome-python package contains pygtk, so there is no point in
downloading both packages.

There are a number of bugs fixed in this release, but the main new feature
is that the GTK main loop no longer blocks other python threads, so it is
now possible to write multithreaded python programs that use pygtk for
their interface.  Some care must be taken though, since GTK is not totally
thread safe.  For this reason, you must call threads_enter() before and
threads_leave() after pygtk calls from outside the gtk thread (ie.
anywhere other than in a callback).  Thanks go to Duncan Grisby for this

For more information about pygtk and gnome-python, you can go to my
(slightly out of date) web site at

gnome-python is available at:
and pygtk will soon be available at:

Both packages are also available from my FTP site at

James Henstridge.


<P><A HREF="">pygtk-0.6.0 and
gnome-python-1.0.2</A> - bindings for the GTK+ widget set and GNOME
libraries.  (25-Apr-99)

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