Release of Scintilla 0.91 and Tide 0.91

Neil Hodgson
Wed, 05 May 99 03:09:12 GMT

Announce: Release of Scintilla 0.91 and Tide 0.91

Scintilla is a free source code editing component for Win32 and GTK+.
Tide is a Tiny Integrated Development Environment based upon 

This is a major release of Scintilla, containing GTK+/Linux support
for the first time. Most of the features of the Windows version are 
working in the GTK+ version and I hope to achieve feature parity 

Because of a change to the messages used to send events from 
Scintilla to the containing application, this release is not
completely compatible with the current build 124 of PythonWin. The
oncoming PythonWin build 125 should be compatible with Scintilla 0.91.

Web site:

Scintilla and Tide come with complete C++ source code. 

The license for using Scintilla and Tide is similar to that of Python 
containing very few restrictions, and allowing use in any free project
or commercial product. 

Neil Hodgson

<P><A HREF="">Scintilla/Tide
0.91</A> - a source code editing component and tiny demonstration
IDE, for Win32 and X11/GTK+.  (30-Apr-99)

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