Pynche 1.0

Barry A. Warsaw (Barry A. Warsaw)
Wed, 05 May 99 03:09:40 GMT

Pynche is a 100% pure Python Tkinter based color editor, with a funky
different kind of way of selecting colors.  Pynche works with Python
1.5.x and Tk 8.0.x on both Un*x and Windows, although you probably
need a 24 bit screen to get the best effect.  Pynche also provides an
API similar to the standard tkColorChooser module for embedding in
other applications (e.g, Grail 0.6 uses Pynche as its color editor).

Version 1.0 is an update from the version distributed with Python
1.5.2 (in Tools/pynche).  It adds a few new features, such as the
ability to load different color name databases.  Included are
databases containing the "web-safe" colors, the HTML 4.0 color names,
two files of "browser-safe" color names, and the X11 color names.

More information is available on my "PyWare" page


<p><a href="">
Pynche 1.0</a> - a Tkinter based color editor.  (01-May-99)

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