mxCGIPython Version 0.2.0

M.-A. Lemburg
Wed, 05 May 99 03:12:58 GMT


       	             mxCGIPython Version 0.2.0

          Setup scripts to build one-file easy-to-install
                        Python interpreters

>From the web-page:

     If you are in the CGI scripting business, then you know how
     hard it can sometimes be getting the sysadmins to install
     Python for you. I ran into such situations a few times.
     Fortunately it's not a big problem, if you can get a grip on a
     pre-compiled binary for the machine the ISP is running.

     Since installing a complete package with many files through a
     FTP-only connection is not exactly fun, we need something
     different here. This were the freeze tool can help: with it you
     can wrap the interpreter together with the whole standard
     library and the builtin modules into one single file. All that
     remains is to FTP that binary to the ISP and off you go. 

     Ok, so much for the theory. Now where do you get that
     pre-compiled binary from ? That's where this campaign

I encourage everybody on this list and in the news group to have a look
at this package and help build a library of pre-compiled single file
interpreters. This would certainly help a lot of CGI writers out
there in making a decision whether to use Python or Perl...

More infos are available on my Starship pages:

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mxCGIPython 0.2.0</A> - one-file easy-to-install Python
interpreter.  (28-Apr-99)

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