[fm] IcePref 0.6

Markus Fleck fleck@informatik.uni-bonn.de
Wed, 05 May 99 03:38:15 GMT

>   IcePref 0.6
>   Dave Mortensen - April 24th 1999, 22:18 EST
>   IcePref is a graphical configuration utility for Ice WM.
>   Specifically, it handles the options used by icewm 0.9.36 and
>   0.9.37, although it should be usable with some other versions as
>   well. It is written in python and uses the Gtk toolkit. It is
>   currently capable of configuring all of the settings contained in
>   the 'preferences' file. More features are forthcoming.
>   Changes: This release fixes all of the bugs that are known at
>   this point. It also includes a few new features and enhancements.
>   IcePref is now somewhat more forgiving of missing .icewm
>   directories and other things like that. Most importantly, the
>   code has been cleaned up and documented a bit.
>    Download:http://members.xoom.com/SaintChoj/icepref-0.5.tar.gz
>    Homepage:http://members.xoom.com/SaintChoj/icepref.html
>    Appindex Record:http://freshmeat.net/appindex/1999/03/28/922669057.html

>                 Author: Dave Mortensen
>                License: GPL
>               Category: X11/Administration
>    Freshmeat copyright  1999 scoop@freshmeat.net

<P><A HREF="http://members.xoom.com/SaintChoj/icepref.html">IcePref 0.6</A>
- graphical configuration utility for the IceWM window manager; requires
PyGTK.  (24-Apr-99)

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