CSV 0.14

Laurence Tratt tratt@dcs.kcl.ac.uk
Mon, 17 May 99 08:42:55 GMT

A simple but effective CSV (Comma Separated Value) library for reading,
manipulating and outputting CSV files is now available from:


It's at version 0.14 (25 April 1999) and is distributed under a Python-esque

The package includes a simple to follow, fully commented test program which
users have found to be a useful and suitable introduction to using the

CSV files are essentially the lowest common denominator for databases, and
are understood by virtually every database program currently available.
There is currently no support for related file types (ie TSV), but these
would be trivial to add in.

CSV.py makes creating and manipulating CSV files easy by using a simple list
/ dictionary approach that will be pleasantly familiar to Python users.

The author is contactable via e-mail at tratt@dcs.kcl.ac.uk.


<P><A HREF="http://eh.org/~laurie/comp/python/csv/">CSV 0.14</A> -
library for handling CSV (comma-separated value) files.  (16-May-99)

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