Fnorb 1.01 - A Python CORBA ORB

Derek Thomson derek@dstc.edu.au
Tue, 18 May 99 23:59:54 GMT

Announcing the release of version 1.01 of 'Fnorb' a Python CORBA ORB.

This is a minor release, intended to fix two outstanding problems.

1) corrected IOR unmarshalling. This error had caused many people to have
problems using Fnorb with Visibroker's naming service.
2) added handling of memory allocation errors during unmarshalling.

Get more details and download Fnorb from:-


The Fnorb Development Team
---- From the Fnorb README ----

What is Fnorb?

Fnorb is a CORBA 2.0 ORB written in Python (with just the eensiest-teensiest
bit of C code for marshalling and parsing ;^). Python is a mature,
interpreted, object-oriented programming language with powerful high-level
datatypes that make it ideally suited as a scripting language for CORBA.
Best of all Python is free so check it out!

Like ILU from Xerox PARC, Fnorb gives the Python programmer access to the
wonderful world of CORBA. It supports all CORBA 2.0 datatypes (including
Any's) and provides a full implementation of IIOP.  Unlike ILU, Fnorb is
Python and CORBA/IDL specific which makes it simple, light-weight, and easy
to install and use.

Using Fnorb, you no longer have to use <insert your least favourite language
here - who said C++ ;^)> to write CORBA clients and servers - you can now
use, yep you guessed it, Python!  This makes Fnorb ideal for prototyping
complex CORBA architectures, for use as a scripting tool, and for building
test harnesses for all your CORBA development projects.

The Python language mapping used by Fnorb is based on the 'living' document
that is being prepared by members of the DO-SIG.  One goal of Fnorb is to
allow the Python community to experiment with the mapping before we attempt
to set it in stone via the OMG standardisation process.

Derek Thomson                               derek@dstc.com
DSTC Pty Ltd                               http://dstc.com
University of Qld, 4072                tel +61 7 3365 4310
AUSTRALIA                              fax +61 7 3365 4311

<P><A HREF="http://www.dstc.edu.au/Fnorb/">Fnorb 1.01</A> - a
CORBA 2.0 ORB for Python written mostly in Python (bug fix
release).  (17-May-99)

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