Sketch 0.6.0 - A vector drawing program

Bernhard Herzog
Sun, 23 May 99 16:00:23 GMT

Sketch 0.6.0 - A vector drawing program

Sketch is a vector drawing program for Linux and other unices.  Its user
interface is similar to the interfaces typically found in drawing
programs for MS Windows, i.e direct manipulation to move and transform
objects, the notion of a currently selected object, etc.

Sketch is implemented almost completely in python, with the rest written
in C for performance reasons. Sketch is still incomplete, but the
current versions are quite usable and stable, I think.

Changes since version 0.5.5:

    * Support for non-english messages via gettext. So far, there's only
      support for German.

    * The AI-filters can handle embedded raster images to some degree
      now, and the export filter has support for text.


Sketch is released under GNU Library General Public License.


        o Drawing primitives:

                o Rectangles
                o Ellipses
                o Bezier curves
                o Bitmap images: JPEG, GIF,...
                  (all types the Python Imaging Library can read)
                o Encapsulated PostScript
                o Text

        o All objects, including images and text, can be rotated,
          scaled, sheared, etc. (all affine transformations are

        o Gradient fills

        o Special Effects and Features:

		o Use rectangles, ellipses and bezier objects as guides

                o Blend Groups: Automatically updated interpolations of
                  arbitrary objects

                o Text can be converted to bezier objects.

                o Text along Path

        o Exports Encapsulated PostScript and Adobe Illustrator files

        o Imports XFig, Adobe Illustrator, Corel CMX and WMF files

For more information, have a look at the sketch webpage.



<P><A HREF="">Sketch 0.6.0</A>
- a vector drawing program for Unix written in Python.  (19-May-99)

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