Mahogany 0.22a

Karsten Ballueder
Sun, 23 May 99 16:03:21 GMT

A new release of Mahogany has been made.
Binaries for Linux-x86-glibc2.0 and source are available immediately,
binaries for Solaris and Linux-axp as well as RedHat rpm  and Debian
deb packages are following soon.

Announcing Mahogany Version 0.22a 

Mahogany is an OpenSource(TM) cross-platform mail and news client. It
is available for X11/Unix and MS Windows platforms, supporting a wide
range of protocols and standards, including POP3, IMAP and full MIME
support. Thanks to its built-in Python interpreter it can be extended
far beyond its original functionality.

Mahogany's wealth of features and ease of use make it one of the most
powerful clients available, providing a consistent and intuitive
interface across all supported platforms.

It aims at supporting GNOME (and KDE for that matter) and includes an
extendable address book system supporting hierarchical organisation of
entries, group aliases, searching the database and easy editing, with
support for other program`s address database formats. Currently
Mahogany`s native format and (X)Emacs` BBDB address books are

Mahogany is being developed using the free wxWindows application
framework, building on the GTK+ toolkit on Unix.

Mahogany is constantly being tested on Linux-x86, Linux-alpha,
Solaris-sparc and MS Windows. It should compile and work on any major
Unix platform. A binary release for MS Windows will follow soon.


Release 0.22a is mainly a bugfix release against 0.21a.

- All known (crash-inducing) bugs fixed.
- Message editor/viewer improvements, adding clipboard support and
- Message editor bug fixes
- wxGTK layout bug fixes
- German, French, Spanish translations
- Text-search in messages
- Several minor usability fixes, sub-folder support fixed.
- Addressbook fixes
- TCP timeouts configurable
- Support for setting the Reply-To: header from
  To: field in message replies.
- Minor addressbook bug fixes (better handling of special characters
  in address or name)

=====================================================================                     (UK, Europe)          (US)


For the next release we are currently working on the following:

     completion of filtering rules/scoring code 
     subscription management for NNTP/IMAP/newsspool 
     DND with KDE/Gnome filemanagers (now supported by wxGTK) 
     Templates/style-sheets for message composition and flexible reply handling 
     Messages sorting, threading, scoring and searching 
     multi-threading to avoid delays and timeouts 
 possibly also:
     GPG/PGP support 
     built-in HTML viewer
     Finish the new message editor code: rich-text editing 

 Karsten Ballüder
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<P><A HREF="">Mahogany 0.22a</A> -
open-source graphical mail/news client for Unix and MS Windows,
using the wxWindows toolkit.  (20-May-99)

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