New german python book (Mit Python programmieren) is out!

Michael Scharf
Wed, 26 May 99 12:01:24 GMT


On Saturday, I got the print a new german Python book "Mit Python
programmieren" (I would translate it as "Programming with python"). I am
still waiting for the "official" announcement, of the book, but here is my
inofficial announcement. I am not one of the authors, but I read the book
several times as reviewer and I saw all the hard work the authors put into
the book ans the progress they made.... I became a very nice book and I
personally like the Tkinter introduction a lot.

Authors: Tobias Himstedt and Klaus Mänzel
Title: Mit Python programmieren
Subtitle: Einfuehrung und Anwendung skriptorientierter 
Pages: 271
Prize: DM 68 (about $38)
ISBN: 3920993853 (
Publisher: dpunkt.verlag (

Until now, I was eager to have all books published on python
in my bookshelf. Looking at all the announcements, this will
soon become an expensive hobby ;-)

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New German Python Book</A> - Mit Python programmieren, by Tobias Himstedt and Klaus
M&auml;nzel.  (24-May-99)

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