Python Conference Hotel Change

Guido van Rossum
Thu, 04 Nov 99 23:18:26 GMT

The Foretec conference staff has this message about the upcoming
Python conference:

Due to construction delays, the Hilton Alexandria Old Town will not be
completed in time for the Eighth International Python Conference.
However, we are pleased to announce that we have secured an equally
desirable facility for the conference.  The new facility is the Key
Bridge Marriott in Arlington, Virginia.  The Key Bridge Marriott is
conveniently located on the Virginia side of the Key Bridge in the
Rosslyn business district with easy access to restaurants, shops, and
the Rosslyn metro stop.  It overlooks the Potomac River, and is a 15
minute walk across the bridge to historic Georgetown in Washington, DC.

(I should add that Georgetown is, if possible, an even better location
than old town Alexandria for the typical Python conference evening
activities. --Guido :-)

--Guido van Rossum (home page:

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