IPC8 - Call For Demos and Posters

Fred L. Drake, Jr. fdrake@acm.org
Fri, 05 Nov 99 22:01:26 GMT

[Moderator's note: "IPC8" is the "8th Internatinal Python Conference",
organized by the "Python Software Activity" (PSA), taking place
24-27 January 2000 in Alexandria, VA, USA.]

IPC8 Call For Demos and Posters
  Important Dates
     * Nov. 30 : Deadline for demos and posters.
     * Dec. 15 : Notification of acceptance for demos and posters.
  Demonstrations and Posters
   We invite researchers and developers to present their work in
   demonstrations or posters. Works in progress and results which don't
   warrant a full paper may be presented this way, as well as
   demonstrations of interesting applications.
   Demos and posters will be selected based on the broad applicability of
   new technologies and novelty of new approaches.
   Tables and power will be provided. Computers will not be provided; if
   you intend to do a demonstration, bring your own with all the software
   you need. There may be a slow Internet connection (at most a shared
   ISDN line); please let us know if Internet access is important to your
  What is a poster?
   When presenting a poster, you typically bring one or more posters that
   can be tacked up to a wall. The posters should provide a concise
   summary of your work, and diagrams or other graphics are strongly
   encouraged. You then stand next to your poster and discuss your work
   with other conference attendees (who will undoubtedly ask why you're
   standing there).
   If you're feeling confident, you can provide handouts that explain
   your research or project in more detail, or tell where to find more
   information. Bring plenty of copies.
  So, what's a demo?
   A demo is a poster, but you use your computer to actually show people
   what you did. You can have a slide presentation or let people play
   with your applications.
   If you want to give a demonstration, be sure to bring your computer!
  What to Submit and How to Submit It
   To request space for a demonstration or poster, send an email to Fred
   Drake (fdrake@acm.org) describing your demonstration or poster. If you
   have special space or power requirements, please be sure to include
   the appropriate information. If you require Internet connectivity, be
   sure to tell us about that as well!
  For more information
   Questions regarding demo and poster submissions should be addressed to
   Fred Drake (fdrake@acm.org).

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