New general purpose "sparse matrix" package - v0.1

Travis Oliphant
Fri, 05 Nov 99 22:10:05 GMT

I've finally released Version 0.1 of a general purpose Sparse matrix
package.  It is available at

RPMS for Linux may be available soon.

The package requires a FORTRAN compiler, a C compiler, and a copy of the
BLAS for your system. 

Currently the makefiles only work for a UNIX system using gcc and g77,
they can be modified to work for any compiler.

	* Initialization of Sparse Matrices using diagonal or coordinate

	* Matrix-vector multiplies

	* Matrix-Matrix add, subtract, multiply, conjugate, transpose

	* Direct inversion of Sparse Linear Systems.

The first three features are due Yousef Saad's SPARSEKIT2 package while
the last feature is due to SuperLU by Demmel, Gilbert, and Li. 

The implementation is a Python class which has methods that call on
wrapped versions of these libraries.

There are other Sparse Matrix implementations available but this one is
trying to be general purpose.  Any suggestions and improvements are

Travis Oliphant

<P><A HREF="">SparsePy 0.1</A> - first
release of a general-purpose sparse matrix calculation package for Python;
requires FORTRAN to compile.  (05-Nov-99)

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