PSI-0.02 - Persistent Multithreaded CGI for Apache
Tue, 09 Nov 99 21:26:31 GMT


This the second release of PSI, or the Python Script Interface,
A second attempt by me at persistent cgi scripting in python.
With PSI, cgi-scripts are run by a shared python interpreter living
outside of the webserver process. Like PCGI, a small 'wrapper' program
is used to connect any CGI capable webserver to the shared interpreter.

PSI is multithreaded, every CGI request runs in a seperate thread. PSI
provides as much of the Stanard CGI environment (sys.stdin, sys.stdout,
os.environ) as possible. And by doing so should be compatible with
existing CGI scripts written in python.

You can download PSI0.02 at:

suggestions and or questions about PSI?, mailto:

<P><A HREF="">PSI 0.02 (click to
download as .tar.gz file)</A> - Python Script Interface; an Apache module
for long-running Python CGI scripts, similar to FastCGI.  (09-Nov-99)

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