New 4Suite mailing list
Sat, 27 Nov 99 17:21:46 GMT

[Moderator's note: 4Suite, by FourThought LLC, is a suite of
Python-based open-source software related to XML processing:
4DOM, 4XSL, 4XPath, and, yet unpublished, 4ODS and 4XLink.]

There is now a mailing list for 4Suite (

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Uche Ogbuji
FourThought LLC, IT Consultants	(970)481-0805
Software engineering, project management, Intranets and Extranets

<P><A HREF="">4Suite
mailing list</A> -  a new mailing list for FourThought's
<A HREF="">4Suite</A> open-source
tools for XML processing (4DOM, 4XSL, 4XPath etc.).  (26-Nov-99)

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