Almost the first UK Python meeting
Fri, 01 Oct 99 11:40:56 GMT

The second meeting of the UK Python User's Group
(that's a working title) will take place as follows:

	Princess Louise pub
	208 High Holborn St.
	Holborn Station, Central/Picdadilly Lines
	Monday 4th October, any time after 18:00

Dress Code:
	Try to look like a Python fan :-)

The first meeting was last Wednesday in Cambridge.

Any UK Python users are welcome to join the python-uk
mailing list at


Andy Robinson

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<P><A HREF="">UK Python
Users Mailing List</A> - and the UK Python Users Group will meet on October
4th, any time after 18:00, at Princess Louise pub, Bloomsbury,
London.  (01-Oct-99)

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