Zope Weekly News - Wed, 20 Oct 1999

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Thu, 21 Oct 99 05:06:06 GMT


It's been yet another jam packed week for Zope. There were community
advances in Zope development, documentation, and advocacy. Keep up the
good work Zopistas!

  * Atlanta Linux Showcase was held this week and it included a talk by
Digital Creations' Paul Everitt, and a Zope Birds of a Feather session.
  * There was lots of discussion about a Linux.com community ad for
Zope. Chris McDonough got things rolling and it snowballed from there
with many creative ideas. Then the conversation turned to the merits of
the name 'Zope' which many folks seem to think is actually reasonable
despite sounding somewhat silly. 
  * Martijn Faassen announced XMLWidgets 0.2. This release includes a
number of demos which reveal that this is shaping up to be a very
powerful Zope product. Go Martijn!


  * Gerard Mulot announced a complete Zope application available for
downloading. It sounds like it could be a good source of Zope examples.
  * Ian Clarke started a discussion about the future of Zope and Zope
clients. One could develop many types of Zope clients such as Java
applets, Mozilla XUL apps, or local apps coded in almost anything which
spoke to Zope over XML-RPC. Of course a full Zope client would be a
major undertaking and no one so far seems to be seriously planning such
a project.
  * Pavlos Christoforou announced a How-To on storing information
outside the ZODB.
  * Zope veteran Martijn Pieters announced that he'll be giving a
presentation on Zope at the Dutch Unix Users Group (NLUUG).
  * Johan Carlsson announced a ZIE update and Offline editor
  * Evan Simpson announced SiteAccess v0.1.0 which now allows virtual
  * Ty Sarna announced Tranalyzer 1.0, a utility for analyzing and
examining ZODB files. It includes the ability to watch transactions
being committed to the ZODB (think tail -f). Can Ty continue to release
yet another cool Zope tool *every* week? Tune in next week to find out.
  * The Zope Documentation Project continues to work tirelessly on their
ZBook project. 
  * David Kankiewicz and the ZQR team announced ZQR 0.8 If you aren't
yet hip the ZQR (Zope Quick Reference) you should definitely check it
  * Stuart Bishop posted a How-To which describes Zope argument
marshalling. Very useful!
  * Lalo Martins released an experimental Banner Ad product.
See you next week.


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