Zope Weekly News - Wed, 13 Oct 1999

Amos Latteier Amos@digicool.com
Thu, 21 Oct 99 05:06:43 GMT


Yet another active week in Zopeland. The Zope community continues to
churn out great ideas and software at an incredible rate. Its very
exciting to watch existing Zope projects like Squishdot mature and new
projects like PythonMethods spring up.

  * Ng Pheng Siong posted his additions to ZServer which allow it to do
SSL with the M2Crypto Python package. Very cool indeed!
  * Bill Anderson updated his Knowledge Kit to version 1.6.3. Knowledge
Kit is a Zope Product for creating knowledge bases.
  * Butch Landingin released Squishdot 0.3.0 Squishdot is a very popular
Zope Product for running Slashdot-like discussion sites. Many cool Zope
sites including Technocrat.net run Squishdot.
  * Following up on his excellent ZODB work last week, this week Ty
Sarna posted a CompressedStorage class which can be layered over another
ZODB storage to provide pickle compression.
  * The tireless Jeff Rush updated his Zope RPMS for Zope 2.0.1. He also
compiled the ZODBC database adapter for use with Solid Technology's
commercial SQL database product (v2.3), under Linux.
  * Evan Simpson updated Python Methods to version 0.1.4
  * Stuart Bishop released Logger 1.0.1 which allows you to write to
Zope's log files from DTML. This can be quite useful for debugging and
error logging.
  * Amos Latteier posted a XML-RPC How-To. This link immediately showed
up to www.scripting.com and www.xmlrpc.com.
  * Jason M. Thaxter pointed out that Zope is mentioned in a Tim
O'Reilly piece.
  * Jonathan Corbet and Roman Milner pointed out that www.HireTechs.com
has launched an auction site using Zope, though they do not identify the
site as Zope-powered.
  * Chris McDonough pointed out that Python's creator Guido van Rossum
mentions Zope as in his latest interview.
  * Andy Dustman released MySQLdb-0.1.1 which provides access to MySQL
from Zope.
  * Chris McDonough mentioned that Linux.com has donated space for a
Zope ad. Lots of discussion ensued about what the ad should say.
  * The indomitable Chris McDonough produced an interesting comparison
between Zope and MS SiteServer.
  * Brad Clements expressed interest in taking over NotMail development.
Go Brad!

As always this summary cannot do justice to all the frenetic Zope
activity, but it can perhaps highlight a few interesting items you may
have missed.
See you next week.

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