CWI mailing lists have moved!

Barry A. Warsaw (Insane in the Membraine)
Mon, 25 Oct 99 02:35:30 GMT

[Moderator's note: this posting is originally from Oct 6, 1999.]

To all readers of and

We have finally moved all subscriptions on the two lists to
the parallel lists  These mailing lists are managed by
Mailman[1].  You should have gotten both a notification message and an
individual welcome message with your Mailman passwords.  Feel free to
visit the specified URL to edit your personal options.

Everyone who uses the email interface to the lists should send general
discussion messages to  Announcements can go
to [sic -see footnote 2].  The CWI
addresses will be aliased to these addresses come the next Dutch
morning (some folks who were on the CWI lists may see a few duplicates
for the next few hours -- sorry about that!).

The newsgroup gateways haven't changed, comp.lang.python and
comp.lang.python.announce still work as normal.

If you'd like to subscribe to the email lists please visit



Please let me know if you experience any problems.



[2] Yes, you subscribe to python-announce-list but announcement
postings should go to  That way, they get
properly forwarded to the moderator.  Thanks!

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