Revised HOWTOs

Andrew M. Kuchling
Mon, 25 Oct 99 02:33:27 GMT

I've placed new versions of the HOWTO documents on; the
mirror sites should pick them up within a day or two.  Most of the
changes are minor; many, *many* helpful people have reported typos.  I
haven't responded to every e-mail individually, but my heartfelt
thanks to you all!

There are two new HOWTOs:

Editor HOWTO, by Andrés Corrada-Emmanuel:
Covers how to configure your editor for writing Python code.
Currently it covers the following editors: Alpha, CodeWright, Emacs,
jed, and vi.  If your editor isn't listed, please consider
contributing a section on it.

Advocacy HOWTO:
Discusses how to support Python's use in a work environment.

Suggestions, comments, and bug reports are welcome for all the HOWTOs.
Send them to me, or to the listed author.  (Feel free to start c.l.p
threads about the new HOWTOs.)

<P>New additions to the HOWTOs: <A HREF="">Editor
HOWTO</A> and <A HREF="">Advocacy
HOWTO</A>.  (05-Oct-99)

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